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Segway Lithium Battery Reconditioner/ Reviver

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The MTO Battery lithium battery reconditioner is a portable device that allows you to recover those Segway batteries that you forgot to charge for a few months or maybe even a few years! Not every battery will respond to reconditioning, but our experience has proven that roughly 70-80% of them do. This battery reconditioner is specifically designed to recover Segway lithium ion battery packs that were either left on charge too long or were not charged at all.

This device was designed and manufactured in the USA. This device is very simple to use and does not require any input from the user. Simply plug the reconditioner directly into the Segway lithium battery pack and plug in the power cord to the reconditioner. The unit will go through a sequence of events and change its charging sequence based on the condition of the battery. This battery reconditioner monitors many aspects of the battery while charging to insure safety and functionality. The battery reconditioner will not charge batteries that have been exposed to water, have been shorted, or that have other internal defects.

We created this unit because present laws require Segway lithium battery packs to be shipped as Hazmat whether they are shipped by ground, sea, or air. This is not only expensive, but can also be difficult for our customers. MTO Battery is pleased to offer this compact and affordable battery reconditioner to our customers, for sale or for rent, to bring dead batteries back to life! If you are able to recover just one battery with this unit you have justified the purchase price. If you have multiple Segway machines you simply cannot afford NOT to have one!!

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