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Lithium Battery Reconditioner Rental For Use With SEGWAY® 73.6V Batteries (Rental 5 Uses)


This rental unit plugs directly into your SEGWAY® 73.6V lithium battery pack and comes with its own power supply. This device is specifically designed to allow lithium batteries that have been over-discharged to charge again. If your batteries are 3-4yr old or less this machine is likely to be for you. If your lithium cells are dead from usage or just starting to get weak this unit will not work for you. This unit will allow you to run five reconditioning cycles for this fee. This is enough cycles to recondition two SEGWAY® lithium battery packs if their condition allows. Due to the many factors related to successful battery reconditioning we cannot guarantee or accurately predict reconditioning results for any given situation. $500 Security Deposit - $350 Refund when returned on time in excellent condition = $150+S&H Final cost for the rental. The maximum amount of time this unit is to be in customers possession is 5 business days (Excluding shipping time). An additional fee of $30/day will apply if it is kept for longer. The final fees for this rental are non-refundable. This offer is only available within the continental USA. THIS DEVICE DOES NOT WORK ON NIMH, MINI-PRO, OR OTHER TYPES OF BATTERIES! 

MTO Battery® claims no affiliation or endorsement from Segway Inc. SEGWAY® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc.


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