Current turn-around time at our facility has been averaging 8-10 business days for most orders.
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Battery Terminology

On our site we commonly use terms like rebuild or replacement and we wanted to take a moment to clarify the meaning of such terminology.


When an item you purchase is a "rebuild or rebuild service" it means that you must send your battery into us so we can repair it. MTO rebuilds ALWAYS include all brand new cells unlike some companies who just replace the dead cells. Our highly trained staff will professionally assemble and test your battery(s) and send them back to you. Commonly we take about 3-5 business days to rebuild your battery(s) but sometimes it takes a longer.


If you purchase a "replacement" battery it means we will build the entire assembly and send it to you. This item does not require shipping to us for repair. 

Are you still unsure whether you bought a rebuild service or a replacement battery?

Give us a call at 717-751-2705 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 

Common Battery Terms:

Ah = Amp Hour = The amount of capacity the battery has. You may have two NiCad batteries that are exactly the same size but one may have 2.1Ah or capacity while the other has 1.8Ah. This would mean you could run your device longer on the 2.1Ah battery than you could off of the 1.8Ah. The voltage/amperage will not change, just the run time per charge.

Wh = Watt Hour = The nominal voltage of the battery multiplied by the capacity of the battery. For example a 12V 10Ah battery would be rated at 120Wh.

Load Test = When we say we load tested your battery what mean is that we attached the battery to a computer controlled digital load tester. This allows us to replicate actual use on the battery using a computer program to control the settings. This allows us to accurately test the batteries capacity, internal impedance, and its ability to perform with a current draw on it. 

Internal Impedance = A simplified explanation of this is that each battery cell has a given amount of resistance which the power must flow through. The reason you feel your batteries getting warm when you use them hard is due to the impedance of the cells. Higher impedance cells will increase in temperature more rapidly than a lower internal impedance cell. Internal impedance is also commonly used to diagnose battery health and connection integrity issues.

Series = This means there is multiple battery cells hooked together so that the positive of one battery hooks to the negative of the next. By attached them in this manner the voltage of the battery assembly increases but the capacity stays the same.

Parallel = This means there are multiple battery cells attached with the positive end of one cell attached to the positive of the next. the negative poles of both cells would also be attached together. By attaching them together in this manner the voltage does not increase but the capacity of the cells add together.