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EETM303A01 Snap-On Battery Rebuild Service

EETM303A01 Snap-On® Solus Pro / Vantage Pro Battery Rebuild Service


Rebuild Service for a Snap-On® ETM303A01 battery pack. For the cost of this service, we will open the battery pack, replace all cells, test, and reassemble. Cases, connectors and circuit boards are re-used and are not replaced or serviced. The performance of our battery packs is equal to that of a brand new battery from the OEM but at a fraction of the cost. Send your ETM303A01 battery into us and let us make it work as good as new. Our trained technicians work on Snap-On® brand batteries each day and have been working with many Snap-On® dealers for years. We rebuild almost all types of Snap-On® brand batteries including those used in diagnostic equipment. Don't wait any longer. Send your ETM303A01 battery pack to us for repair today!

Orders containing lithium batteries will ship by ground only regardless of the shipping method chosen.

Note: This is a rebuild service and not an attempt to sell a new or aftermarket battery pack. With this service, you must send your battery to us to be repaired.

Snap-On® is a registered trademark of Snap-On Incorporated. MTO Battery is not affiliated nor endorsed by Snap-On®.

Customer Reviews

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Leonard M.
Great experience!!!

If you need your old Snap-On Vantage battery rebuilt, MTO is the place. I called MTO before making the online purchase and spoke with them regarding my concern with my old battery. After talking with them, I was convinced, this is the place to have my battery rebuilt. I can't thank them enough for the great experience and customer service.


Service was prompt, website was easy to use, battery has been working great.

Snap-On wants to charge what????

After being told by our local Snap-On driver that this battery was $200 I chose to look around. MTO popped up immediately and the price was right. They turned the order around quickly and the guys say it works just like new.

Excellent service

My Vantage Pro battery works better than ever. It was down to about 10 minutes of life after saying it was full in 20 minutes. Now, the battery takes several hours to charge and, to be honest, I'm not sure how long it will take to die because it will more than likely last a full work day or two. A nice cost savings over buying off the truck, and likely a better battery as well. Thanks!

Customer review

Awesome alternative to paying twice as much money to Snap-On.

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