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Battery Rebuild Service For 2pc of SEGWAY® P Series NiMH Batteries (2x28.8V)

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Charging Recommendations


1. Batteries should always be charged on a non-flammable surface such as concrete. Please do not charge on carpet or other flammable flooring.

2. Batteries love to be charged at room temperature. Extreme heat or cool can impact the batteries ability to accept a full charge.

NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

It is not healthy for a Nickel Metal Hydride battery to charge continuously. To get the most life out of your batteries, follow the steps below.

1. Purchase a timer (like timers used for Christmas Lights)

2. Set the timer so it is on no more than 8-10 hours per day. If you are an infrequent user, you may consider less time per day. 

3. Allowing your batteries to rest 30-60 minutes after being used before starting to charge.

4. Following a charge, allow the batteries to rest for 30-60 minutes before being used.

5. For long term storage, disconnect your batteries from the SEGWAY® completely, and fully charge them. Your batteries can be safely stored this way and should be reconnected and charged every 2-3 months to maintain proper charge. Please be advised long term storage of 6+ months may decrease battery performance. This can typically be rectified by fully charging the batteries and using them until the SEGWAY® indicates low battery. Run the machine at low speeds on a flat surface until the machine shuts down from low battery. Allow 12-14 hours for a full charge and repeat the process until you notice the battery is holding a full charge again.

Shipping Information

NiMH batteries are not regulated when shipped by ground or by air.

This is a battery rebuild service!

You must ship YOUR battery to us to be repaired. We DO NOT sell new, used rebuilt, or aftermarket battery packs.


Get new cells installed in one set (2 Batteries) of SEGWAY® P-Series NiMH (2x28.8V) battery packs rebuilt to slightly better than factory spec. You need to send us your batteries to be rebuilt. The current lead time is 3-4 weeks at our facility.

MTO Battery offers the highest quality battery rebuilds that are available. We laser cut the cases open which minimizes the amount of material that is removed and ensures that the case will reseal properly. All of the assembly is done at our facility in Red Lion, PA. Every single battery is fully charged on OEM SEGWAY® chargers and then discharged using PC-controlled load testers to document the capacity and performance of the battery under load. We then fully charge the battery again and test the battery on one of our SEGWAY® machines. This process is videotaped and we provide you access to this video as proof that the battery was tested and that it does indeed properly power up the SEGWAY®.

We were the first company to offer SEGWAY® P-Series NiMH battery rebuilds. We have advanced diagnostic equipment to be able to test and diagnose everything to do with these batteries. We proudly maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Given the expense of these batteries, we strongly urge potential customers to do their research on the company you are choosing to do business with. Not all battery rebuild companies are created equal.

This process replaces all of the cells inside with new ones. Circuit boards, cases, harnesses, etch. are reused and are not repaired or replaced. These batteries will only work on a P-133 SEGWAY® and are NOT compatible with any other model machine.

This service requires additional processing time due to the quantity of labor that it takes.

Orders containing lithium batteries will ship by ground only regardless of the shipping method chosen. If you desire shipping insurance on the shipment from us back to you, please click here to add it.

Note: This is a rebuild service and not an attempt to sell a new or aftermarket battery pack. With this service, you must send your battery to us to be repaired.

MTO Battery claims no affiliation or endorsement from Segway Inc. SEGWAY® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I received very prompt service and the batteries work great. Thanks!

Amazing Service

My batteries finally died so I gave MTO a try. I read a lot of good things about them online and I have to say they are all true. The owner is an honest guy and went over and above what was necessary to make sure I had properly working batteries. Cheers!

Gliding Again!

MTO Battery did a wonderful job rebuilding my beloved Segway P-133 batteries. You can tell by the technique used that this company knows what they are doing. I read reviews on many companies and MTO consistantly came recommended. The batteries fit back on the machine nicely and I have confidence in the batteries being sealed as well as they were originally. Performance has been great over the past 2 months and I expect I will get a long life out of these batteries.

David S.
Great alternative

I bought my P133 used as the old owner had no more use for it. When I first purchased it, it ran great. Over the next year, things started to drastically decline. Speed. Longevity. Error codes. These were all nuisances. It came to the point where the unit failed to operate. I investigated options and I was looking at thousands to replace battery packs. I came across MTO and decided to give them a try as it was a cost effective solution. My Segway is running better than it ever has. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Johan M.
Customer review

The battery work great in my P133 again. Able to travel much distance like when was new. Happy customer from U.K.