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Segway 73.6V Li-Ion Battery Rebuild Service

Battery Rebuild Service For 20967-00001 SEGWAY® Lithium Li-Ion Battery Pack (2 Batteries)


Battery rebuild service for two 20967-00001 SEGWAY® lithium batteries. With this service, we will laser cut two SEGWAY® lithium batteries open and replace all the old cells with brand-new cells. The completed assemblies will have a capacity of 6.0Ah which is .8Ah higher than the original extending your range per charge. You must send us your battery for us to perform this service. The current lead time is 5-7 weeks at our facility. We do not rebuild NCG2004-N battery packs.

MTO Battery offers the highest quality battery rebuilds that are available. We laser cut the cases open which minimizes the amount of material that is removed and ensures that the case will reseal properly. All of the assemblies are done at our facility in York, PA. Every single battery is fully charged on OEM SEGWAY® chargers and then discharged using PC-controlled load testers to document the capacity and performance of the battery under load. We then fully charge the battery again and test the battery on one of our SEGWAY® machines. This process is videotaped and we provide you access to this video as proof that the battery was tested and that it properly powers the SEGWAY®. 

We were the first company to offer SEGWAY® Li-Ion battery rebuilds. We have advanced diagnostic equipment that is able to test and diagnose everything to do with these batteries. We proudly maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Given the expense of these batteries, we strongly urge potential customers to do their research on the company you are choosing to do business with. Not all battery rebuild companies are created equal.

Any warranty expressed or implied only applies to the cells and labor we provide. Re-used parts such as cases, circuit boards, harnesses, etc. carry no guarantee or warranty. Over-discharge, cell failure due to faulty BMS, or other abuse is not covered under any warranty. We ship within the continental USA to you using Hazmat delivery services. Dangerous goods surcharges are applied during checkout. 

Purchases outside the continental USA require a continental USA ship-to address. MTO Battery does not, shall not, and will not assist with or provide support for shipping this product outside of the continental USA. Website orders ship by ground only regardless of the shipping method chosen. This rebuild is for lithium batteries which can be installed on I167, I180, I2, X2, and SE model SEGWAY® personal transporters. Some model SEGWAY® may require a software update to use lithium batteries. Please note that we do not rebuild aftermarket battery packs or the new extended range Segway batteries. 

This service requires additional processing time due to the quantity of labor that it takes.

This item is over 300Wh and is subject to additional shipping regulations. Please visit this link to view each carriers rules/regulations. 

Orders containing lithium batteries will ship by ground only regardless of the shipping method chosen. If you desire shipping insurance on the shipment from us back to you, please click here to add it.

Note: This is a rebuild service, not an attempt to sell a new or aftermarket battery pack. With this service, you must send your battery to us to be repaired.

MTO Battery claims no affiliation or endorsement from Segway Inc. SEGWAY® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Performance

My Segway lithium batteries work like new again. Thanks to the team!

Nice Range

I tested the rebuilt battery packs and found that I can go 26.45mi per charge. This is approximately a 15% increase over what I had experienced when I had brand new Segway batteries. It is worthy to note that I had purchased a set of "extended range batteries" offline from elsewhere and they lasted two weeks before failing on me. The rebuilt batteries from MTO have held up beautifully. Cheers!

Flora S.
27mi Range

The time it took to rebuild the batteries was a little longer than I had hoped for. I am glad I chose MTO to repair these batteries. The rebuilt batteries have amazing power and a range of 27mi on a charge. I am quite pleased with the quality of the product that I received.

Batteries are great

I have these batteries rebuilt in the spring of 2021 and they are still working amazingly. I am partially disabled and use this machine for anything I can. The batteries from MTO were only a little cheaper than new but they are amazing with the charge that they hold. I am very glad to have found MTO and anticipate being a life long customer.


MTO was great all the way through the rebuild process. The rebuilt batteries allow me to go about 28mi on a charge if I am riding normally and am not in very cold temperatures.

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