Current turn-around time at our facility has been averaging 8-10 business days for most orders.
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Profoto B4 900928 Battery Rebuild Service

Profoto® B4 900928 Battery Rebuild Service


Rebuild Service for a Profoto® B4 900928 battery pack. For the cost of this service, we will open your battery pack, replace all of the cells, and then reassemble it. The performance of our battery packs is equal to or greater than that of a brand-new battery from the OEM but at a fraction of the cost. Send your Profoto® B4 900928 battery to us and let us make it work as well as new. Our trained technicians work on Profoto® brand batteries each day. We rebuild almost all types of Profoto® brand batteries so if you cannot find the one you need please contact us. Don't wait any longer. Send your Profoto® B4 900928 battery pack to us for repair today!

Note: When we are rebuilding your battery, if your circuit board is found to be defective, we will contact you. At that time we will provide you with the option of sending us another battery or we can refund you for the rebuild service. The old cells are removed and recycled prior to circuit board testing and cannot be shipped back to you. 

Orders containing lithium batteries will ship by ground only regardless of the shipping method chosen. If you desire shipping insurance on the shipment from us back to you, please click here to add it.

Note: This is a rebuild service and not an attempt to sell a new or aftermarket battery pack. With this service, you must send your battery to us to be repaired.

Profoto® is a registered trademark. MTO Battery is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Profoto®. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Luke J.
New life

I am thrilled to get my battery back and have it working like new again.

B4 Battery Rebuild

Everything went exactly as they described. The battery works like new again. MTO had my Profoto B4 battery about a week and a half which is not too bad. Overall, my experience was timely and professional.

Profoto B4

I was hesitant to send my very expensive Profoto B4 battery packs to an online company but I am thrilled with the results. I called and spoke with a representative who was very nice and was able to answer my questions. I looked them up online and found that they do work for the military. That made me feel a lot better, especially since I read it on a .gov website. My two battery packs work better than I ever remember them working from new. They are about six months old, and I suspect they will last a while.

Very professional

I had four Profoto B4 batteries rebuilt by MTO. I experienced trouble with two of them after a few months. MTO did not hesitate to step up and assist me with the issues. They found that the cells were out of balance and that the root cause was the circuit board within those two batteries. There was a very small load being put on specific battery cells when the battery was not being used. They had to leave my batteries to rest for a few days for the discharge to be noticeable. I sent them two other Profoto B4 battery packs to put the cells into and the problem has not reoccurred since. I use these batteries weekly for my business and have no complaints about their performance.

Given the quality of the customer service and the functionality of the product, I will continue to solicit this company.

Manuck X.
Service is great

I must say that service is great on these battery. All five battery are working like new again. We appreciate that you offer this service to keep equipment working.

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