Current turn-around time at our facility has been averaging 10-12 business days for most orders.
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Profoto B2 PCA1322-0000 Battery Rebuild Service

Profoto® B2 PCA1322-0000 Battery Rebuild Service


Rebuild Service for a Profoto® B2 PCA1322-000 battery pack. For the cost of this service, we will open your battery pack, replace all of the cells, and then reassemble it. The performance of our battery packs is equal to or greater than that of a brand-new battery from the OEM but at a fraction of the cost. Send your Profoto® B2 PCA1322-000 battery to us and let us make it work as well as new. Our trained technicians work on Profoto® brand batteries each day. We rebuild almost all types of Profoto® brand batteries so if you cannot find the one you need please contact us. Don't wait any longer. Send your Profoto® B2 PCA1322-000 battery pack to us for repair today!

Note: When we are rebuilding your battery, if your circuit board is found to be defective, we will contact you. At that time we will provide you with the option of sending us another battery or we can refund you for the rebuild service. The old cells are removed and recycled prior to circuit board testing and cannot be shipped back to you. 

Orders containing lithium batteries will ship by ground only regardless of the shipping method chosen. If you desire shipping insurance on the shipment from us back to you, please click here to add it.

Note: This is a rebuild service and not an attempt to sell a new or aftermarket battery pack. With this service, you must send your battery to us to be repaired.

Profoto® is a registered trademark. MTO Battery is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Profoto®. 

Customer Reviews

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Profoto B2 Battery Rebuild

I wasn't certain if the rebuild would be as "good as new" condition. After working through the easy order process, I shipped my items using MTO's mailing instructions. I received the batteries in less than the time predicted (about 7 calendar days). They looked perfect. I have taken 550 photos using these batteries and they are fantastic! It seems they last longer than the original batteries. MTO did a great job and I'll be sending more B2 batteries for rebuild.

Robert S.
Repacking of Profoto AirB2 Batteries

Your web site is set up perfectly to communicate to new clients what you do, and how you do it, including quality expectations. I sent one brief question about return delivery fees and it was answered very clearly within an hour. All batteries were shipped back earlier than deadline. Your service on all levels is superior with no hidden fees or technical terms to unravel. I have already recommended your company to two other videographers. Your direct and honest approach is outstanding.

Fast and reliable

My Profoto B2 battery has been working better than ever since having it rebuilt. MTO even upgraded the capacity of the battery.

Yvon M.

The rebuilt batteries are rock stars and provide about 10% more flashes per charge.

Profoto Rebuilds

The rebuilt batteries work amazing and at only a fraction of the cost of new. I am very impressed.

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