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MTO Battery  |  SKU: 1289237

Fluke 1289237 635 Replacement Battery

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Charging information

1. Always ensure that the battery is not hot and is at room temperature before charging.

2. Once charged, remove the battery from the charger. Do not store the battery on the charger for extended periods of time. Please note that storing a battery in a charger that is not plugged into the wall, can potentially cause the battery to drain back into the charger. This was more common with older chargers and we have also noted it in some newer chargers.

3. It is recommended to not store the battery on the device when not in use. Storing the battery separately removes the possibility of the device slowly draining the battery. 

4. If you have not used the battery for 2-3 months, we would recommend recharging the battery and if possible, use them. This helps maintain their health.

5. Lastly, be sure to store your battery in a dry environment. If possible, avoid temperatures below freezing and above 110F to maximize battery life..


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This is a replacement battery that is compatible with Fluke 1289237 battery for Fluke 635 test equipment. This assembly will have a rated minimum capacity of 3800mAh which is equal to what was used by the OEM in the original battery pack. All battery packs that are built at our facility are assembled using quality materials and state of the art equipment. Our technicians are highly skilled and deliver very nice quality products. This replacement battery for Fluke 1289237 is 100% assembled and tested in the USA by MTO Battery. We have been offering this product for a few years now so please buy with confidence. Our company is known for high quality batteries and top notch customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about the Fluke 1289237 replacement battery just give us a call or send us an email. This battery also fits Fluke E0133W, ANIC1295, 635

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bob K.
Excellent Replacement

We were able to order this from their stock. It was shipped out the same day! very fast and a perfect fit. So much better than anything I could have thrown together. Well worth the price!

Valentino P.
Customer review

Nice quality product that fit and work well