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DKG3-16197-001 iBot 67V Battery Rebuild Service (2 Batteries)

DKG3-16197-001 iBot 67V Battery Rebuild Service (2 Batteries)

$1,700.00 $1,800.00

Get one set (2 Batteries) of DKG3-16197-001 iBot 67V battery packs rebuilt. You need to send us your batteries to be rebuilt. This process replaces ALL of the cells inside with new ones. Circuit boards, cases, harnesses, etc. are reused and are not repaired or replaced. Note: Not all battery rebuilding companies are created equal and neither are the materials. Please do your research before choosing to do business with a company. Some are fly-by-night operations that are working out of their homes that could disappear when you need service. Our rebuilt iBot batteries were used by a past US president. We are fully insured and well-vetted within the battery industry. The DKG3-16197-001 iBot batteries are no longer available to be purchased new so you must pick and choose who you will trust them with. 

Note: This is a rebuild service and not an attempt to sell a new or aftermarket battery pack. With this service, you must send your battery to us to be repaired.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
iBot Battery Rebuilding

The rebuilds from MTO are lasting me 3-4 years of continuous use. In comparison, I was only getting a year out of the OEM batteries when I could still buy them. This was an apples to apples comparison as I have been without legs for 20yr now.

Good company

I have NEVER had a set of iBot batteries last more than a year and a half no matter who I bought them from or had them rebuilt by. I am now two years into a set of MTO battery rebuilds and they are still going strong. Yes, they are expensive but it is worth it. I appreciate quality and MTO Battery has it.

James Preston
Huge improvement

I have been getting my batteries from another company in Washington state but I cannot get ahold of them anymore. I sent my batteries to MTO and I must admit I was agitated that the price was a good bit more. I received them back and they looked normal. I have been using them now for two years. That in and of itself is a miracle. I got about one year of use off brand new ones and about the same off of prior rebuilds. This alone justifies the higher price. I am a customer for life now.


Frank Trimbulski
I'm back in the saddle again :)

I had my batteries rebuilt by MTO nearly a year ago and they are absolutely amazing. The machine is running better than ever. Thanks!

Amazing Distance (Review from double amputee)

I commonly do not write reviews but in this case, I felt compelled. The turn-around time on my order was almost exactly 3 weeks total. This time includes my shipping to MTO and MTO shipping back to me. The batteries were cut open on the original seam and appear to be very well sealed. This is important to me in case I get caught in a storm which happens at least 1-2x per year. I installed the ibot DKG3-16197-001 batteries and allowed them to fully charge overnight. Come morning, I got onto the chair and powered it on. I immediately turned on my GPS and placed it in my accessory bag because I wanted to track the mileage that I got out of a charge. MTO claimed a significant upgrade and I wanted to validate it. I traveled 3.2 miles around my neighborhood, used it inside the mall 1.45mi, and then went another 10.67mi at our local park on the trails. The battery indicator was still at 75%!!!! This old fuddy-duddy was tired from all the action and needed to go home for a nap. In short, I have no idea how far you can go on the MTO iBot battery rebuilds but I do know that number is incredibly higher than I will ever need. Many thanks to the good folks at MTO who provided such a fantastic service.

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