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SEGWAY® Lithium Rev.AH and Rev.AJ Issues

We have determined that there has been enough issues with the SEGWAY® Rev.AH and Rev.AJ lithium ion batteries that we needed to post this message to advise consumers of some options they may not know are available. Over the past few years we have been hearing numerous complaints from customers with Rev.AH and Rev.AJ Segway lithium batteries that they just suddenly stop working. Initially we thought this was just failure to charge the batteries as has been the issue for many years. Then we started to notice a pattern developing. These specific revision batteries are quite sensitive and commonly have the BMS lockup. What is a BMS you ask? The BMS is a Battery Management System and basically controls all aspects of the battery during charge and discharge. When it locks up the machine cannot use it to start the machine nor can it charge the battery. So your stuck......Nope!!!

MTO Battery can correct this issue and make it function properly again. To order this service please purchase a diagnostic fee which can be purchased here on our website. The diagnostic service is for two batteries but the $75 cost is a per battery cost for the reset being performed. It is important to know we do not just reset the BMS and throw it back in the box. We fully test the capacity of the cells, calibrate the state of charge, and test ride the batteries on one of our SEGWAY® machines.

It is important for users that are using Rev.AH and Rev. AJ batteries to realize that their batteries are a little more fragile than other revisions have been in the past. These revisions are quick to throw an error code if your machine is plugged in at a location where voltage spikes or drops are common. To rectify this you may consider using a quality battery backup / line filter between the machine and the A/C outlet. The same issue can occur when charging off of a generator. The same solution is recommended to help protect your equipment from harm due to voltage fluctuations.

Do you have questions regarding your SEGWAY® batteries? Call us at 717-751-2705 or send on of our representatives an email at sales@mtobattery.com and we will be happy to assist you. 

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