Current turn-around time at our facility has been averaging 10-12 business days for most orders.
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EGO® 56V Battery Rebuilding


MTO Battery has been rebuilding EGO® battery packs for a few years now with great success. We use high-quality, high-amperage cells within our EGO® battery rebuild services. We have been using these cells for many years and have had great success with them. Send your EGO® Battery to MTO Battery today!

EGO Battery Rebuilding Services

We rebuild the following models:

BA1120 (2.0Ah upgraded to 2.5Ah)

BA1400 & BA1400T (Rebuilt to 2.5Ah)

BA2800 & BA2800T (Rebuilt to 5.0Ah)

BA2240 (4.0Ah upgraded to 5.0Ah)

BA4200 & BA4200T (Rebuilt to 7.5Ah)

BA5600T (Rebuilt to 10Ah)

BA6720T (Rebuilt to 12Ah)


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