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DIY Kit For Segway I-Series NiMH Batteries

Segway I Series DIY Battery Kit (NiMH )

$400.00 $500.00

Professionally welded assemblies with proper insulators that can be used to rebuild (2) Segway I-Series 36V x 2 NiMH battery packs. This Do It Yourself Kit will include twelve cell assemblies and two large fishpaper gaskets for final installation. This product is a non-returnable item unless it has not been installed or modified in any way. We test each cluster prior to being shipped to insure quality. This item has no warranty since we are not installing it. It is the installers responsibility to properly perform quality testing to ensure the final assembly is correct and safe for use. This product does not include any instructions or technical support. We will not assist in instructing how to open the battery, provide installation advise, testing data, or troubleshooting when/if there are issues. If you cannot safely complete the entire rebuild without assist please do not purchase this DIY kit. If you are unsure we recommend reviewing our rebuild services where we replace all of the cells at a great price on this page of our website.

This DIY kit is intended for battery and electronics professionals. If proper caution is not used when working on Segway NiMH batteries you can ruin the circuitry within them, cause property damage, and/or personal injury. If you damage the circuit board while opening the case, removing the cells, or when installing the new cells you will receive a red light on your battery charger when you try to charge it. If you get a red light on the charger you should immediately remove our DIY kit from the circuit board as cell damage may occur if the batteries remain attached to it. 

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