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Lithium Battery Reconditioner For Segway Battery Packs

Lithium Battery Reconditioner For Use With SEGWAY® 73.6V Batteries - Unlimited (Non-Returnable)


The MTO Battery® lithium battery reconditioner unit plugs directly into your SEGWAY® 73.6V lithium battery pack. It comes with it's own 220V/110V power supply to power the lithium battery reconditioner. This device is specifically programmed for use with SEGWAY® lithium batteries that have simply been overdischarged. If your batteries are 3-4yr old or less this machine is likely to be for you. If your cells are dead from many years of use or are just starting to get weak this unit will not work for you. Our lithium battery reconditioner gently charges the SEGWAY® lithium battery using a pulse width modulation method. This is a very successful way to recondition this type of battery. Our reconditioner monitors the batteries process and will alter the charge as needed. It will provide visual feedback via LED to advise it's progress. This 2nd edition lithium battery reconditioner for SEGWAY® batteries features the upgraded ability to view the voltage of your battery while it is being reconditioned. Now you can see the process as it occurs. Additionally, we have updated the software and added new charge curves to further perfect the process. This device is unsurpassed by any of our competitors. Our lithium battery reconditioner is very easy to use, only takes about 30-45min, and is compact in design. This SEGWAY® lithium battery reconditioner sells for a fraction of what new SEGWAY® batteries sell for. If you are able to successfully recondition just one battery you have saved yourself approximately $950!! You can also charge other SEGWAY® users to recondition their batteries to recover the equipment cost and make some profit. Due to the many factors related to successful battery reconditioning we cannot guarantee or predict reconditioning results. Unlimited Use (NON-RETURNABLE) DOES NOT WORK ON NIMH, MINI-PRO, OR OTHER TYPES OF BATTERIES!

MTO Battery® claims no affiliation or endorsement from Segway Inc. SEGWAY® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc.

What is in the box?

  • 1pc Reconditioner
  • 1pc Power Supply With USA Style Cord
  • 1pc Directions (English)

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