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DIY Power Tool Cores

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With these Do it Yourself Kits we have made rebuilding your own power tool battery easy and affordable. Our highly skilled technicians will weld your order to the configuration needed for the battery make/model that you specify.

Once you receive this assembly from us you simply need to remove your existing connector and thermal sensors and install them onto our new core. We recommend taking photos to document how everything is installed on the original battery so you are sure to put it back exactly the same way on the new battery. We would love to provide step by step instructions on how to install our cores but unfortunately we can’t due to the lawsuit happy society we live in.

It is important to notate that to install your existing connector and thermal sensors onto our new assembly you will need to be able to solder. If you are not 100% confident in your ability to install these on your own we recommend you purchase rebuild services instead. Please keep in mind that all DIY cores are custom built to order and are non-returnable. Please carefully evaluate the model number of each battery prior to placing your order.

If you have questions or concerns about rebuilding your own power tool battery packs? If so email us or call us and we would be happy to try to assist you.