Current turn-around time at our facility has been averaging 10-12 business days for most orders.
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Lithium Power Tool Battery Rebuild Services

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Just like our other battery rebuild services, MTO Battery also specializes in rebuilds and repairs of Lithium Power Tool Batteries.  We are a cut above the competition and you will see it in the extended life of your Power Tool’s batteries.

All assembly of the lithium cells is done using either ultrasonic or capacitive discharge welders offering superior strength and durability.

Safety is a huge concern of ours when we assemble your batteries. All thermal sensors are inspected and replaced as needed to ensure they perform properly. We install custom laser cut insulators where needed to adequately insulate the assembly. Once your assembly is completed we charge it on an OEM charger and then perform a load test to validate that the cells are performing properly under load.

When your batteries arrive back we ask that you take a few moments and place the battery into the charger and allow it to fully charge before using it the first time. Your batteries are shipped in a discharged state to make them safer for shipping.

We thank you so much for placing your batteries in our more than capable hands. We will do everything possible to make this transaction as smooth and easy as possible for you.

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