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LiLead Lithium Batteries


We are the USA representative for LiLead Lithium batteries. These batteries redefine a wicked powerful battery in a small package. The beauty of this stylish battery is that it not only looks good, and works great, it also is completely protected by patented circuitry. This circuitry prevents over discharge, over charge, over temperature, under temperature, and over current protection! Would you dare to directly short circuit your car battery???? Nope, not unless you wanted to do some welding and melt your battery cables. With the LiLead battery pack you can directly short circuit the battery and no sparking will occur and no heat will be generated. The short must be made using a heavy wire like a battery cable. Smaller wires will not carry enough current to trigger circuit protection. This type of protection is for accidental protection and should not be intentionally done....except here

Suggested Applications For This Product:
- Racing
- Car Audio
- Farm
- Generator / Emergency Power

Do you think you might have a need for these? Email with your information and we will get in touch with you. Presently, we are also seeking wholesalers and master distributors for this product. This product has been used and endorse by the Red Bull Drifting team. Videos of their reviews can be found here.

Oh yeah.....did I mention it is extremely water resistant??

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