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Dear Valued Customers,

Yesterday, PA Gov. Tom Wolf declared that all non-life sustaining businesses must close by 8pm yesterday to help discourage the spreading of COVID-19. This has quite a few ramifications on many businesses both big and small.

MTO has taken the following actions to comply with the request of the Governor.

1. Effective immediately our doors will remain locked and we will not permit walk-in business. If you have a battery need you can call us at 717-751-2705 to order and pay by phone. Once you arrive please stay in your vehicle! We can place your product & invoice outside for you to retrieve. We recognize that this is an odd way to do business. We want to keep your battery needs filled but we respect the goal of Mr. Wolf to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and want to do our part.

2. We have reduced staffing to the absolute minimum to be able to sustain the needs of the healthcare industry. All needs from hospitals or other emergency responders will be worked on prior to anything else.

3. As of now, shipping is to remain normal. Delivery drivers shall follow the same protocol as a local customer. They can call us at 717-751-2705 upon arrival, stay in their vehicle, we will place all packages outside of the door for pickup and the driver can then leave any packages for delivery.

Our goal is to exercise social distancing and to keep our employees safe. Thank you in advance for your patience through these difficult times. We will do our best to minimize the impact of this while maintaining safety and compliance with state and federal mandates.

Be safe and please do your part to support your local community during these difficult times.

Jason E. Abel
President / CEO
MTO Battery

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